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May these words from His Holiness inspire and enlighten us all.


佛法演讲 之二


于印度达兰萨拉 上密院

Dharma Lecture II

Saturday 28th May, 2005

Gyuto Ramoche Monastery, Sidhbari, Dharamsala, India.



  At first  His holiness gave the oral transmission of the practice of  Chenrezig.



  Holding an attitude of non-violence and wishing to benefit others whilst bearing affection in one’s heart for all beings who have been our mothers and are our extended family, are practices that we need to make very powerful because they will help us to overcome many of the obstacles in our lives.



Currently, our world has many environmental and other obstacles.  These are causing the negative afflictions to arise frequently within our beings.  These negative afflictions inhibit our intention to help others.  Greed and jealousy are especially most destructive.  Jealousy, for example, plants the seeds of discord from person to person so that you can’t enjoy the happiness of others.  You always wish for others that they be lower than you and dependent on you and not your equal.  This is the fruit from the seeds of jealousy.



These days, it is very common for people to challenge and compete with one another and to hold these attitudes in their minds.



As regarding freedom, there are two types, one is inborn and the other depends on life’s situations.  Inborn freedom may be practiced extensively but when it comes to environmental restrictions then inborn freedom needs to be curbed to meet them so that you remain balanced within your self and society.  For example, in the case of a monk, his birth-right is freedom but a monk must remain within the boundaries of his vows, otherwise he becomes an object of criticism.



   In this world and as humans, we are all searching for happiness. We are all making our best efforts to use our freedom to pursue happiness.  It’s the same for everyone else too. If we try to impede the efforts of others then it is not good.  It’s the same for us too, we should not do that to others either.  It is improper.  Therefore it is imperative to develop right values.  It’s the same for everyone.  We need to develop ourselves and value the feelings of others



Another way of viewing finding happiness for ourself is to ask if we are actually dependent on others with whom we are living?  We do actually depend on others to achieve happiness?  Our own efforts are limited and we depend on the mutual co-operation of others.



The main point here is that because of jealousy and competition, we need to stop using our eyes and mind for finding fault in others and wanting to be better than them.  If you see others as being better than yourself then you’ll just get jealous.  So take a good look at yourself!



  Here’s a little story:

   过去,在 毗舍离(译者注:佛陀八大圣地之一,佛陀多次在此说法,也是佛陀入灭后七百圣贤重结集处)有一位富人,他经常供养世尊以及世尊的僧团。在那个时候僧侣们会时常生病,因此其他的僧侣就要比平时走得更远去乞求布施。

  In the past in Vesali, there was a very rich man who often made offerings to Lord Buddha and his Sangha.  In those days many of the monks used to fall ill and so the other monks had to go on greater alms round than usual.



  This rich man had an old maid servant who looked after most of the needs of his household.  She started to foster the thought that the monks were obtaining food through some kind of magic that encouraged people to give more and more and that the monks didn’t know when to say enough.  She thought along these lines.



She didn’t realize that this was due to her own greed and miserliness that she was finding faults in the monks.  She complained bitterly about them and prayed to be reborn somewhere where there were no monks!



Due to her this evil thought started spreading through the whole town of Vesali and even reached the ears of the queen.



The queen was acquainted with the rich man’s wife and went to visit her. She asked, ‘I understand there’s an old maid in your service who is making a lot of trouble for the Sangha. What are you going to do about it?’



  The wife answered by saying, ‘Lord Buddha has been to many places and is always doing a lot of good deeds infusing loving kindness and peace in every one’s hearts – even to Angulimala!  So I wouldn’t pay too much attention to this old lady.’



  The queen said, ‘Tomorrow the Sangha are coming to the palace.  Please invite the old maid to come too.’



  As the old maid entered the royal palace, she thought she saw the Buddha coming towards her. Feeling uneasy, she tried to avoid him but all the doors were closed and she couldn’t run away.  She ended up in the teaching hall listening to the Buddha give a sermon to all the Sangha.



He was teaching that Bodhisattva’s have forsaken their body, speech and mind because they seek liberation so that others may walk the path and find true happiness.  They forsake everything for the benefit of others.



The reason for me and my Sangha to go begging in all directions is to make a positive connection with everyone we meet.  My objective is to benefit everyone.



  Then she began to realize that it is not just a matter of feeding them.  The monks bring many benefits to others and she was able to overcome her greed and miserliness.



  We must all develop a spacious heart – as spacious as the sky – filled with the attitude of benefiting others. Then, even if we have obstacles, they’ll be overcome.  If we have the limited view of only benefiting ourselves then it will bring us trouble in the future.


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